The Swedish royal children made a record stock profit of millions

The three royal children of Sweden – Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine – had a great financial year 2017. Their investment fund Gluonen AB made a staggering profit of SEK 3.2 million after interest and taxes, Expressen reports.

Gluonen AB is held as a long-term investment for the three royal children and the fund invests in Swedish stocks. As the  Swedish companies have seen strong growth in the last years, so has the royal fund.

Compared to the previous year the fund made 2 million more in profits in 2017, but there is no plan to pay out dividends from the fund. Instead, the money will keep growing in the fund, which now holds securities valued to SEK 41,2 million.

In the 20 years that have passed since the fund was created its value has increased by 67 % –  from an initial SEK 24.7 million.

There is no information on whether the stockbroker Christopher O’Neill, husband of Princess Madeleine, has strategically helped the fund or not. Nevertheless, the royal children can consider themselves lucky with such a record profit.