How the economy could make or break Trump in 2020

21st January 2020

As year four unfolds, several key numbers and trends will determine just how much the economy will help Trump overcome impeachment, low approval ratings and serious shortcomings with women and minority voters. “The stock market he’s got. Wages he’s got. The consumer side of the economy is working really well,” said Gary Cohn, Trump’s first […]

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Trump touts promises after painful year for farmers

20th January 2020

“We’re used to adversity,” said Chadd Strew, a rancher in Comanche, Texas. “Renegotiating trade to try to get more out of our products here is going to be a benefit even if in the short term there is a little bit of a decline.” Trump addressed the convention on Sunday for the third year in […]

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Trump hypes modest China deal, distracting from impeachment

16th January 2020

The deal is more of an incremental step, far from what Trump promised Americans when he was on the campaign trail in 2016 pledging to beat China, which he called an “enemy” that cost U.S. jobs, spied on U.S. businesses and stole U.S. technology. The strategy shows how Trump will approach 2020 — dressing up […]

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Fed officials saw decreased recession risk at December meeting

4th January 2020

An improved outlook bolsters the Fed’s current expectation that it won’t need to cut interest rates further.

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3 factors that could make or break Trump in 2020

24th December 2019

Even blah — a 2 percent-or-so growth rate with unemployment still near or below 4 percent — could be enough to help Trump overcome a low approval rating and win again. But if he really hopes to romp over the eventual Democratic nominee, he’ll probably need markets to keep popping and growth to bubble higher, […]

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Trade rep: China will determine success of trade deal

15th December 2019

China, in addition to making promises to better protect U.S. intellectual property, has pledged to buy another $200 billion worth of goods and services from the United States over the next two years, including about $40 billion to $50 billion worth of agricultural products each year. “You could think of it as $80 to $100 […]

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Warren blasts competitors for ultra-wealthy donors

13th December 2019

Warren blasts competitors for ultra-wealthy donors

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Fed hits pause button on rates as Powell sees economy in ‘good place’

12th December 2019

Fed Chair Jerome Powell expressed confidence that the level of rates and the economy itself were in a “good place” and said the recent cuts had “kept the outlook on track,” cushioning the U.S. economy against slowing global growth and trade tensions. “Our economic outlook remains a favorable one despite global developments and ongoing risks,” […]

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OPINION | The Space Force’s moment of truth

5th December 2019

Failure to adopt the Space Force sends a weak message to China at a time when we most need to project power and resolve. Second, it will have a devastating and compounding effect on jobs in key congressional districts. And third, it places America in a weak position to secure the emerging space economy when […]

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Trump denies his trade policies are hurting economy

12th November 2019

Trump meandered through other topics such as climate change and health care before turning his comments toward the election. He called the field of Democratic opponents “crazy” and said the economy would be hurt if one of them were elected. “I think the biggest risk is the election,” he said. “I think we’re going to […]

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